What is a Healthcare Home and why do I need to have one?

MO HealthNet believes that helping people lead healthier lives can help reduce illness and disease. That is why MO HealthNet is working with health care providers to become Healthcare Homes.

To avoid confusion, we want to be sure you understand that a Healthcare Home is NOT a place of residence and does not change where you live. Instead, a Healthcare Home is where you get healthcare and see your primary care provider. It does NOT change the doctor you see. A primary care provider (PCP) can be a doctor, a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner. Your PCP, your Nurse Care Manager and you will work as a team to help prevent sickness and manage a chronic (ongoing) condition.

Your Healthcare Home cares about you and wants to help you stay well. You will get constant care and support if you have a chronic condition like diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure or a heart condition.