Category: Clinical Quality Measures

Jan 25 2016

Clinical Quality Measure

Southern Missouri Community Health Center follows guidelines set forth by the Bureau of Primary Health Care and the Health Resources & Services Administration.  These guidelines focus on quality, comparability, and integration through a variety of clinical measures.  These measures have been standardized by the National Quality Forum to ensure standard application across a broad variety of providers, locations and facility types. Southern Missouri Community Health Center reports on these measures at least annually.  Listed below are a couple of our most recent clinical quality measures.
  • Performance Measure:  Percentage of patients age 18 years and older seen for at least one medical visit during the reporting period and two total visits ever, who were queried about tobacco use and if they are positive cessation intervention and/or pharmacotherapy was given.
    • Result:  94%                  Goal:  100%
  • Performance Measure:   Percentage of diabetic patients whose HbA1c levels are less than or equal to 9 percent
    • Result:  70%                 Goal:  85%